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Sino-Micro is an active society. There are many activities in the society. Many communications betweem members of the Sino-Micro constantly occur and are promoted. Below is a list of selected news associated with Sino-Micro:

  • 4/28/2018: The final program of the 2018 Sino-Micro Symposium announced. The information of the final program is also recorded on the 2018 Sino-Micro Symposium website.

  • 3/14/2018: The first draft program of the 2018 Sino-Micro Symposium announced. The information of the first draft program was also recorded on the 2018 Sino-Micro Symposium website.

  • 2/19/2018: The 2018 Sino-Micro/ASM Society Day registration website is now ready for members to register. The registration website is here: http://www.sinomicro.org/2018symp/registration.php. Please register soon.

  • 02/06/2018: In the general ASM meeting this year, a 2018 Sino-Micro Symposium will be held on June 7, 2018. Please join the global leaders in fundamental, clinical & translational, and environmental microbiology to interpret the history and shape the hottest future of microbiology, business and global collaboration.

  • 03/17/2017: Xi, Chuanwu (president of Sino-Micro) emailed: "We are excited to announce that this year our annual symposium will be held in Xi'an from 6/29-7/1/2017. You may know that we have decided that we alternate our annual meeting location in the US and China each year. This year, Dr. Haihua Liang from Northwest Unversity at Xi'an graciously agree to host the meeting for us." Please see the first announcement of the event. We hope to see you at the meeting and present your very recent discoveries. The 2017 symposium website is: http://www.microsociety.com.cn/. Please go to the website and submiet your abstract by 5/20/2017. We appreciate very much if you can let us know earlier once you decide to join.

  • 06/15/2016: 2016 Sino-Micro business meeting was also held on June 15, 2016.
    • Wang, Hua (Ohio State University), a two-term board members of Sino-Micro and the Past Division Chair of Food Microbiology of ASM, was elected as 2016-2018 Sino-Micro Secretory and President-Elect. Xi, Chuanwu (Univ. of Michigan), the current President-Elect, will be the 2016-2018 Sino-Micro President.
    • 2016 Excellence in Service Awards were given to the following members: Tang, Yi-Wei (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center), Wang, Hua (Ohio State Univ.), Zhang, Jing-Ren (Tsinghua Univ.), Zhang, Qijing (Iowa State Univ.), and Zhou, Jizhong (Univ. of Oklahoma). This was just a small token to show our appreciation to their service and dedication to SINO-Micro organization. As Frank introduced: "They have served as SINO-Micro board members for two consecutive terms during 2010-2016, and are the key members of building SINO-Micro since the beginning. They rotated off from the board after finishing two terms to give opportunity to other members to serve, but they all expressed their continuing dedication to serve SINO-Micro."
    • New board members were also elected by a formal voting process.
    • An amendment of Sino-Micro Bylaw was passed during the meeting.

  • 06/15/2016: The one-day 2016 Sino-Micro Symposium (“International Symposium of One Health: the Role of Microbe”) was held succefully. See the meeting program for detail.

  • 11/19/2015: The abstract submission for ASM Microbe 2016 (June 16-20, Boson, MA) was open. The conference abstract submission deadline is January 12, 2016. Note that our Sino-Micro symposium will be held on June 15, 2016, one day before the ASM Microbe 2016 conference starts.

  • 11/15/2015: A web page was generated for the 2016 Sino-Micro Symposium. The first circular document is HERE.

  • 11/13/2015: 中科院医药学组院士新鲜出炉,祝贺邵峰当选! 邵峰 (Shao, Feng) , a Sino-Micro member, is 北京生命科学研究所学术副所长 and 资深研究员. His research "专注研究病原细菌感染宿主和宿主先天性免疫防御的分子机制".

  • 5/23/2015: Hua Wang’s research findings on antibiotic resistance received lots of media coverages as well as award:
  • 5/22/2015: Please join us to congratulate Joe (Ji-Zhong) Zhou to receive the highly prestigious 2014 Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award (劳伦斯奖)! Lawrence Award in biological and environmental sciences is the Department of Energy’s highest scientific award. The Lawrence Award was established by President Dwight Eisenhower to honor the memory of Dr. Ernest Orlando Lawrence, who invented the cyclotron - an accelerator of subatomic particles - and received a 1939 Nobel Laureate in physics for the achievement. The news was just announced today at different websites:
  • 4/22/2015: Chuanwu Xi announced the news on the "2015 Annual Business Meeting in New Orleans". Time: 6:30-8:00 pm, Sunday, May 31, 2015. Venue: Room (Galerie 2), New Orleans Marriott Hotel (asm2015 Headquarters). Agenda: (1) Sino-Micro business briefing and plan for a symposium in 2016; (2) Member Research update (15min/speaker, 3-5 speakers). In addition, there will be a Dinner together starting at 8:00 pm (optional and on own).

  • 9/3/2014: Dr. Wenyuan Shi announced the ending of his term as the Sino-Micro chair. He also announced the newly elected leadership team.

  • 6/27-30/2014: The meeting "International Symposium on Microbiology in Omics Era" was held at Chong-Qing.

  • 4/22/2014: Frank generated a Sino-Micro letterhead with the Sino-Micro logo. The letterhead was then modifed and agreed by the Sino-Micro committee.

  • 4/20/2014: Oliver He generated a Sino-Micro logo, which was later adopted by Sino-Micro.

  • 4/5/2014: Oliver He updated the Sino-Micro website. Three types of updates were made: (i) Made the web pages wider; (ii) Made all the navigation bars to the top (Now no navigation tabs in the bottom of the pages now); (iii) Other cosmetic changes.

  • 3/27-28/2014: Chuanwu Xi and Frank Yang announced the first English version of the Chong-Qing meeting: "International Symposium on Microbiology in Omics Era". Here is the introduction of the document: "In order to foster communications and collaborations among microbiologists in China and overseas, Chinese Society for Microbiology (CSM) and Overseas Chinese Society of Microbiology (Sino-Micro) will host a joint International Symposium on Microbiology in the Omics Era. The symposium will be held on the campus of Southwest University in Chongqing, China from June 27-30, 2014. Our local host includes Southwest University School of Life Sciences/Graduate School and Tsinghua University School of Medicine."

  • 3/11/2014: Frank Yang announced the first Chinese draft of the Chong-Qing meeting: "组学时代的微生物学" 国际研讨会. Here is the introduction of the document: "为促进微生物学和组学的研究、发展和交融,增进国际合作交流,由中国微生物学会和海外华人微生物学会主办,西南大学研究生院/生命科学学院、清华大学医学院承办、中国遗传学会微生物遗传学专业委员会和重庆市微生物学会协办的“组学时代的微生物学”国际研讨会将于2014年6月27-30日在重庆市北碚区西南大学召开。大会将邀请微生物学、组学、计算生物学、合成生物学及相关领域的国际著名学者作大会报告或专题报告,会议规模200人左右".

  • 1/3/2014: Yi-Wei announced to Sino-Micro by email the final 27 speakers and topics from Sino-Micro side.

  • 12/6/2013: Yi-Wei Tang announced the latest speaker and topic list from the Sino-Micro side. Yi-Wei said, "I am very proud that we were able to attract several outstanding speakers in the field. For those who have consented but not provided your topic yet, I would appreciate very much if you can do so at your earliest convenience. I will start working with “domestic” organizers to work on the meeting agenda after the New Year, so please consider 12/31/2013 the deadline for your topic submission if you plan to go."

  • 9/22/2013: Frank Yang announced to all Sino-Micro members the proposal of the draft for Sino-Micro第三次学术会议 (or called "2014 Sino-Micro 长江三峡游轮学术会议"). Here was the content of Frank's email: " 由汤一苇建议,奚传武、谢建平等具体协调,经理事会讨论通过,拟2014夏(初步在6月末7月初)在长江三峡五星级游轮上召开Sino-Micro第三次学术会议。会议初步决定和中国微生物学会合办,形式为“全球微生物学家高层论坛”,主题为Microbiology in Omics Era。 会议拟3天,规模在100-200人,海外和国内报告人同台做报告,每人15-30分钟。开会和经典旅游穿插进行,鼓励带家属。相信这样的形式肯定是一次SINO-MICRO members之间和国内同仁之间交流的好机会,将会是“以学会友,同舟共计”的难得机会!会议费用原则是国际和到重庆的机票自付,大会组委将会竭力寻求赞助,用于分担报告人的的部分费用。 目前阶段是要确定Sino-Micro参加的人数和报告标题,有意参加者,请发邮件至:Yi-Wei Tang,  tangy@mskcc.org"

  • 9/18/2013: Yi-Wei Tang announced among board members a proposal draft for 1st Global Microbiologist Summit Forum. The draft was discussed and voted in the executive board.

  • 7/15-17/2012: A group of environmental microbiologists, also Sino-Micro members, visited Lanzhou University from July 15th to 17th as a Chunhui Program (春晖计划) delegation sponsored by the Ministry of Education, China. The delegation was led by Dr. Jizhong Zhou (University of Oklahoma) and consisted of other seven members from different universities and companies in the US: Feixia Qi (University of Oklahoma), Chuanlun Zhang (University of Georgia), Xi Li (University of Nebraska), Zhiyong Ren (University of Colorado), Qiang He (University of Tennessee), Chuanwu Xi (University of Michigan) and Zhijun Zhang (Sanofi). Each member presented their recent research at the workshop “Environmental Microbiology and Biomass Energy” organized by Professor Xiangkai Li in the College of Life Sciences, Lanzhou University. More detail (including photos) is here in PDF file and in Microsoft Word file.

  • 6/25/2012: The Sino-Micro San Francisco meeting briefing was announced by Frank. The group picture of this meeting is HERE. More pictures can be found in the briefing web page.

  • 6/20/2012: The Sino-Micro bylaw was drafted by Chuanwu Xu. It was intensively discussed in our 2012 Sino-Micro SF meeting on June 15. Several Sino-Micro members modified the bylaw thereafter. The bylaw was finally approved at our business meeting on 6/15. Here is the final version of the approved Sino-Micro Bylaw, provided by Chuanwu on June 20th. Chuanwu's hard work on this important achievement is highly appreciated!

  • 6/15-16/2012: We will get together at the 2012 ASM meeting! Here is the 2012 Sino-Micro SF meeting program. During the meeting, we will discuss and hopefully pass our Sino-Micro bylaw. The meeting will be held in the Chancellor Hotel on Union Square, 433 Powell Street, Union Square, San Francisco, CA 94102. Here is the map of the hotel.

  • 5/22/2011: We had a great gathering at the 2011 ASM meeting! On Sunday May 22, a total of 19 attendants including 17 Sino-Micro members and 2 guests from Taiwan Society for Microbiology gathered together in the Marriott hotel at Convention Center, New Orleans. Here is the Meeting Briefing.

  • 11/4-7/2010: Sino-Micro and Tsinghua University co-hosted a international meeting “ Frontiers on Microbial Pathogenesis”, a part of the Tsinghua Public Health Science Conference. SINO-Micro received a significant publicity attention in Tsinghua and our organization was listed as one of the hosting organizations for Tsinghua Public Health Science Conference. SINO-Micro organization was also publically introduced in the final conference manual. Eleven members attended Tisinghua meeting (Kangmin Duan, Hua Wang, Frank Yang, Xin Deng, Qijing Zhang, Yopinh Han, Min Wu, Zhaoqing Luo, Daoguo Zhou, Hao Shen, Benfang Lei). See a related picture of this event.

  • 11/03/2010: Yiping Han, Hua Wang, and Frank Yang represented SINO-Micro and attended the International Microbiology meeting held by the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing. They delivered presentations and toured the institute.

  • 11/03/2010: Drs. Yiping Han, Hua Wang, and Frank Yang were invited to visit Institute presented seminar in the 2010 Annual Meeting of Chinese Society of Microbiology held in Huangshan, China.

  • 10/29-11/01/2010: Yiping Han, Hua Wang, and Frank Yang represented SINO-Micro and attended this year’s Chinese Society of Microbiology Annual Meeting held in Huangshan. Yiping and Hua delivered outstanding presentations in the main meeting that were very well received. Frank delivered a presentation in a branch meeting. All three presenters took the opportunity and announced the newly established SINO-Micro organization in the meeting.

  • 10/29-11/01/2010: Drs. Yiping Han, Hua Wang, and Frank Yang represented SINO-Micro and were invited to attend the 2010 Annual Meeting of Chinese Society of Microbiology held in Huangshan, China.

  • 05/26/2010: The first SINO-Micro 2010 ASM San Diego Meeting was held 6:30 PM, on May 26, 2010, Panda Inn Restaurant, San Diego, CA. Here is the The First Sino-Micro Meeting Minutes.

  • 02/17/2010: A brief list of proposed ideas (Summarized by Frank): (1), Have an gathering at the coming ASM meeting at San Diego. (2) Organize a formal international meeting in Shanghai this summer. (3) Expand the scope from Microbial Pathogenesis to Microbiology in general. (4) Establish an official organization, such as SINO Microbiological Association. and (5) Considering a meeting with Joe's Microbial Genomics meeting.

  • 02/ 17/2010: The sinomicro.org domain name was registered by Yongqun He (Oliver). Oliver and his lab member (Allen Xiang) started to develop the website.

  • 02/ 17/2010: The Sino_Micro Google Group was registered by Frank Yang.

    Note: If important news is missed here, or if you have any news you would like to share in here, please let us know. Thanks!

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